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    Low performance with dual graphics


      I have a computer with an amd a10 7860k processor with AMD Radeon R7 200 series v3, plus I have a r7 240 2gb graphics card.

      I bought these components with the intention of working with the dual graphics technology, but it has not given me the performance it should. I have the right drivers installed and in some cases the Radeon Settings software gives me errors (crashing the screen) when I try to raise the GPU clock and memory clock.

      I have seen videos about the performance of the processor and the video card by snapped and I realize that I have a worse performance than each one separately.

      I do not know if I have to make a configuration through the bios so that it works optimally or something else.

      Someone who could help me?

      pd:Image 5 is what it looks like when the GPU works when a game is run.