SOLVED by AMD - Cross Shipping?  Is it even possible with AMD?

Discussion created by usererror on Feb 5, 2018
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So, you can't get any tech support for CPUs by phone (according to their phone system), and you have to do it all via a form.  So, how does cross shipping work?


I can't just go buy another CPU ($200+ investment) because they got something wrong in the manufacturing process, but I also can't put a whole machine out of service for weeks or a month (or months if they send me another faulty CPU, which we all know hapens) because they made an error.  Add in that I have no way of knowing if the CPU I go buy to fill the gap is good or bad (aka is of the first batch that has the same manufacturing defects).


How do we go about setting up cross shipping then?


I already have an RMA number.  We have verified as best as possible that my CPU is in fact one which needs replacement, so whether it needs to be replaced isn't in question.


I am on a timeline.  I have roughly three weeks to completely solve these issues, or I have to give up on Ryzen (and AMD as a whole) for another decade.  I really want this to work, AMD.