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AMD Vega 64 on ASUS Rampage IV Extreme ?

Question asked by crashdog on Feb 4, 2018
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I'm not shure in which Forum this question is right to ask as it involves the mainboard and the graphiccard.

But I have an ASUS Rampage IV Extreme motherboard and trying to get my AMD Gigabyte Vega 64 to work with it. When booting up the displays stay dark and it appears to get stuck before It reaches the point where I could enter the BIOS setup. From a requirement perspective the mobo has PCI 3.0 Gen 3 built in. As far as I could see on the spect for the Vega 64 that should be sufficient. The PSU is an Corsair AX1200.

I had the Vega running on an P8Z77-PRO V which also has PCI 3.0 Gen 3. The Rampage mobo works with a Firepro W7100. So basically I don't think that any parts are broken. So the question is: what could I have forgotten to do during installation to get this to work ?


Also the Logo "RADEON" lights up. But the GPUTach leds stay off.


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