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R7 260x Artifacts Since Crimson Drivers - RX 460 Win 10

Question asked by optimizationamdv2 on Jan 28, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by optimizationamdv2

Hello i am (maybe not anymore) an amd lover. Used old AMD cpu's, gpu's etc etc.. also recently bought Ryzen cpu.


Since 1 year or i guess since crimson drivers released i am facing with random time, random place of screen and  small size, artifacts, flickers or something like that(couldnt describe good than this). They are appearing random and not covering all of my screen(small sized)


But its really disgusting and sometimes they make my pc usage so hard... every driver update i always had a hope but every driver update i dissapointed.. i see lots of subjects about this.. all users who is facing with this is really waiting a fix.


its clearly a software issue because when i relaunch game it dissapears. Also if its appearing at game phase, i can sometimes fix it with ALT TAB windows and back to the game.


if its appearing during web browsing or at windows, when i restart pc it dissaperas. never face it at bios or boot screen.


My gpu is AMD r7 260x using it with 460w psu Windows 10 x64 latest. AMD drivers are latest.


(I tried DDU and reinstall drivers.)


My gpu tempatures are normal (idle 30-35 max 80-85)


Just please an offical response. as i said at topic, i dont wanna give up about trusting AMD.


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