R7 370 GPU Black Screen 17.12.1 Windows 10

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Ever since yesterday, I've been facing problems with my GPU who suddenly stopped working, which caused my monitor to black screen whenever I tried to boot my computer. So far I've tried rollbacking to older drivers, removing the GPU and putting it back in the tower to make sure everything is wired but to no avail. Currently I have uninstalled the GPU's driver in order to be able to use my computer. I should point out that I never overclocked the computer nor touched in any way the GPU (well except for today when I carefully removed it and then put it back in) or anything else in the tower except for the ventilators which I clean regularly of the dust. Any suggestions?


My system:

* AMD Graphics Card:

MSI - Radeon R7 370 Gaming - 4 Go


* Desktop or Laptop:



* Operating System:

Windows 10  64bit


* Driver version installed:

Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1


* Display Device:

ASUS 24" LED - VX248H  1920x1080


* Motherboard + Bios Revision:

Gigabyte - 990X-Gaming SLI



AMD - FX 6300 - Black Edition


* Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage:

FSP - Raider S550 - 550W


* RAM:

16 GB


Thank you for your time


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