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Samsung CF591 FreeSync Ultimate Engine causes self-restart

Question asked by chaiyut.a on Jan 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by chaiyut.a

I have a trouble with Samsung CF591 monitor setting attribute as FreeSync 'Ultimate Engine'. Once I play steam games (Tales of Berseria or Mighty No.9) in a certain time, the computer suddenly crash and self-restart. I tried many AMD drivers (16.11.5, 17.8.2, 17.11.1, 17.11.4, 17.12.2, 18.1.1alpha), but it still gets randomly crash. After I change setting to be 'Standard Engine' using AMD driver 17.8.2, everything works fine. Hope this issue will be resolved in the upcoming AMD driver.


AMD driver setting : AMD Freesync on, HDMI Link assurance on, AMD Fluid Motion Video on, Frame Rate Target Control 72FPS

Display setting : Screen Refresh Rate 72Hz

In-Game setting : Frame rate 60FPS


Computer Specs

XFX RX480 GTR Black 8GB

Intel i5 6500

RAM 8GB*2 3200MHz OC

MSI Z170I Pro AC