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Issues with older Direct X 9 Games

Question asked by nitro912gr on Jan 1, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by marekbujko

I had a problem recently with the new drivers as I couldn't run specific old dx9 games (Witcher 1, Spellforce 2), at the time I though this is just my old 7850 that is getting dropped from support but now I see new reports that even newer GPUs have problem playing those games, so does made me wonder if AMD will no longer support dx9 games. I fixed this by doing a rollback to crimson but what is gonna happen if I want to get a new AMD GPU?


It is very important for me to know because I have a big backlog with a lot of dx9 games that now I start to play (because you know, adult life...) and I don't want to upgrade my 7850 with a newer card just to find out that it can't play those games.


Please specify what is gonna happen with dx9 games, sure they are old but not that old to not being enjoyable today and they are being still sold and played by people.


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