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Help Needed ! Lost HDMI connection after changing Color Depth

Question asked by krakenz2 on Dec 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by m3dicine

Hi, I was trying to connect my device to Samsung HDTV via Hdmi cable, and first it was all fine working and then I tried to change some setting in the radeon software, also I upgraded it from the 16.1... version to 17.12.1 version. And I was trying out the options to fix the little dots on the screen.(I guesss it's called screen tearing), and when I change the color setting to 12 .( it is available when you connect the hdmi cable only) and then the signal lost and I can not have it back again, as ı cannot open my laptop screen either I cannot find where to look for it, as is says it should be on the additional settings menu but sadly ı havent got one...


First, how can I change my laptop as the first display screen to prevent the HDTV open Auto and Laptop screen goes black, As there is no image I cannot access any options nor get a display on TV screen.


I already restored to the default settings and the option I talk about was on the Screen menu, and now that I can't access it , ı dont have that option when unplugging the hdmi cable so what can I do to get the connection back again ?