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RX 480 Driver update blocked 120 Hz mode

Question asked by wolpi on Dec 17, 2017

Hi guys,


I have quite a peculiar problem with my drivers: I have updated my grtaphics driver to the newest version, and for some reason, in display adapter properties, i no longer have the option to display in 120 Hz on my XL2411Z monitor. It had worked perfectly fine - using a HDMI to DVI-D Cable for nearly a year, without any issues before the update. Running 1920 x 1080 @120Hz.  Now i only get the option to run at 60 hz at 1080p or 120 hz at 1024x768(amongst others).



I have tried to roll back drivers, but for some reason this time it defaulted to the windows generic drivers - which doesnt fix the issue. Then I tried different driver versions:








After each installation i use the recommended DDU utility to uninstall the driver, before installing the new one.


Occasionally i got a 64 Hz display mode on some fo them, but none of the times did I get the 120 hz option.



Since this has onl;y happened only after installing the new driver yesterday, it is most likely a driver issue, since i had been running at 1920x1080@120hz for a year now without a problem.

This is extremely frustarting for me as i spent nearly a whole day trying to fix this. Has anyone encountered something like this? I tried googling and forum searching, but i couldn't find a similar answer and solution.

Thanks in advance!