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Windows 10 - amd raidxpert2 constantly msgs "array x none offline" where no array ever defined or existed.

Question asked by rangerx on Dec 8, 2017

I have a brand new Windows 10 Pro system build using an AMD 1950x Threadripper on an ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme motherboard. I have ONE RAID 0 array defined in the BIOS using two SAMSUNG 850 PRO 512GB 2.5" SSDs. The main OS is loaded on a SINGLE non-RAIDed SAMSUNG 960 Pro 512GB NVME installed under the primary heat sink. I am NOT using the dual-drive riser card (at the moment, but plan on another NVME RAID in the near future).


RAIDXpert2 is CONSTANTLY creating and listing new arrays entirely on its own and then spamming me with the message "array x has gone offline," which RAIDXpert2 then reflects in red in its "Events View" as "array x none offline." However, *I* never defined or created any RAID array x to begin with.


HOW do I stop the RAID-not-so-Xpert2 software from creating these ghost arrays and then spamming me with critical error messages because the array doesn't actually exist?


I've attached a screenshot of how the RAIDXPert2 "Event View" screen SHOULD look when these ghost arrays aren't present (I had already went in and deleted them for the 3rd time).