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When are we gonna see a fix for Overwatch , Rise of the Tomb Raider , GTA V and Rainbow Six Siege crashes ?

Question asked by faqu on Nov 30, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2017 by colesdav

Well , the topic's title basically says everything that I wanna know . Since July I'm stuck with 17.7.1 because the newer drivers aren't working properly with Overwatch . I just waited and hoped that AMD is gonna release a new driver that is fixing the issues , but instead I've seen that they continued to release bad drivers , with even more issues . So , AMD , can you at least give me an ETA for a driver that is fixing the current issues , please ?


Here is my feedback for 17.11.2 and 17.11.4 :

-Overwatch random crash/hang

-Rise of the Tomb Raider random crash/hang

-Rainbow Six Siege random crash/hang

-Grand Theft Auto V random crash/hang (Edit: After clean installing 17.11.4 using DDU , Grand Theft Auto V isn't crashing anymore , but with 17.11.2 the game is still crashing randomly , sometimes after 10 min of gameplay and sometimes after 2 hours)

-Sometimes even the whole system crashes while playing the games mentioned above (BSODs or RSODs)

-Didn't experienced any issues in other games like Battlerite or The Witcher 3



-None of the issues mentioned above are present on 17.7.1

-I'm not the only one with these issues , i've seen many people on this support forum complaining about the new drivers.


PC Specs:

-Windows 10 Pro 64bit (Fall Creators Update)
-i7 6700

-16GB DDR4

-RX 480 8GB