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System lags after updating driver from 16.12.1 for AMD R5 M330 graphics driver

Question asked by akash1997 on Nov 28, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2019 by ankush2282

This issue is regarding the reoccurance of problems such as system lags after updating from 16.12.1 driver. Earlier I had faced similar problems which ultimately got resolved by updating to the 16.12.1 driver. I could get to this solution by following this thread (A8-7410 with R5 M330 atikmdag.sys high CPU usage only on Crimson drivers ). But the solution seems to be short lived. Soon after the next update, the problem reoccured. I request the AMD team to please clarify this issue ASAP since it has been many versions released since then and still the latest version (17.40.1031CrimsonReLive) driver is also with the same issue. I have just updated to the latest driver via package from the official website (version 17.11.1).

System Configuration:

Model: HP 15 af103ax

CPU: AMD A8-7410


Graphics: R5 M330 graphics

amdmatt you solved the issue for the above mentioned thread. I hope you will have a more clear view about this issue.

Hoping for an early response.