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The problem with the performance of AMD Radeon R7 M265

Question asked by cahe4ek on Nov 26, 2017


The problem is gaming performance.

The laptop Aspire E1-572 g

CPU: Intel core i3-4010U 1700 MHz


Video: graphics Card Intel HD, AMD Radeon R7 M265 with 2 GB

Operation System: Windows 7



Problem description:

When you start the game gives very little fps

And I noticed a thing: When you start Mortel Kombat X gives 40-50 fps and cooler running actively, it is well heard and it is clear that everything works.

But the same run Dead by Daylight gives 14-24 fps cooler runs silent and with a feeling that he's not spinning.

Although the MK X system requirements higher than DBD



I tried to put different versions of drivers for the video card:

Latest version: 17.11.2 and even put 17.4.2.



In what may be the problem?