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adm radeon hd 8870m drivers

Question asked by doncendas13 on Nov 21, 2017

hello everyone.

I have this setup:

Dell inspiron 5737 with intel i5-4200 cpu 4GB of RAMs and win 10 64-bit (1709 version) operating system.

After clean win install with Windows Media Installation Tool I`ve my amd driver in driver manager as a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter with yellow exclamation mark. I`ve tried running win10 update but screen freezes right at the moment the driver installs(with pointer in the middle of screen). I`ve tried unistalling both intel and amd drivers during safe mode with the DDU and installing Dell`s video drivers after that. It causes black screen at the very end of the amd installation. I`ve also tried installing amd driver during safe mode and cleaning some stuff called "ULPS" in registry. after restart and win logo it was black screen once again.


if you gusy have any ideas I would follow them. thanks for your time.