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    AMD Bios Guide Request for Ryzen


      I was wondering if there any possibility that AMD STAFF, covered a little be more or in fact in a very detailed, all the BIOS options that exist nowadays? because it seems that sadly AMD has a lack of information regardless to bios options, and sorry for saying that, but you can clearly see that there is not such information over internet, there is less information about settings under BIOS, while Intel seems to covered all, most forums and internet history covered all settings to their user experience :/


      And I really don't want to migrated to Intel, this is my first time using a good AMD technology, and I can see that there is performance improve when playing with BIOS options changing from Auto to either Enable or Disable or Custom, so please... do a Guide covering all bios, AMD need more support to their product, more details.

      So hope you can created a detailed guide of all options under/through AMD BIOS, i would like to help too if possible, and i'm very sure there are people out there that want more info about AMD BIOS SETTINGS.



      Thanks for reading my comment, and hope this is get as  Constructive Criticism.
      sorry for my poor English


      Best Regards

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          Considering the motherboard manufacturers design the BIOSs for their boards, your issues should be directed to them.

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              Black Zion i think that's not true 100% because AMD guidance brands such ASUS,Gigabyte,Asrock etc etc with the Amd Chipset technology so there is always an AMD Engineer behind doors. because all brands b350 chipsets have the same options, just with few features and by few features i mean 1-4 features :/ so I'm not agree, sorry if i sound like in a bad way, but im not trying to sound bad manner or something like that.

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              And there is a Ryzen Master guide (30 page downloadable).

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                The motherboard manufacturer is the correct source to obtain detailed information on their BIOS.

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                  The problem is not easy - features / naming depends on the manufacturer so AMD has nothing to it (like VRM controllers, EC for sensors etc.)

                  But I think I understand what x58 asked - there is a bunch of options that are STRICTLY related to AMD CPUs and chipsets.

                  And the bigger problem is AMD didn't bother to release BKDG for public. This leads to ridiculous situations as lack of core temp reading for linux (not to mention other builtin sensors).


                  And those who say - "read mobo manual" - those manuals were not updated since the release of motherboards, they omit many options altogether, not to mention things available after AGESA and there are still many things locked in BIOS. Ryzen master documentation is joke .


                  The best so far is this article Community Update #4: Let's Talk DRAM!

                  But it does not cover all RAM options related to timing and I can name at least 19 additional parameters not even mentioned there.

                  So yes - right now all is almost blind "try and test" approach to get more juice from platform - especially RAM.

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                      Thank you so much for your comment, yeah, people thinks that everything is related to manufactures motherboards, and i don't was talking about (motherboard owns features) such Fans temperatures no,no


                      Because we gotta be honest AMD has especial options dedicated to their Technology that has nothing to do with Manufacturers, because all manufacturer does is to:   Assemble AMD technology in their motherboards, by following all criteria from AMD, such amd bios options from AMD, and them at the end of the day, those manufacturers that Assemble the Amd technology in their motherboards, they decide to add their own features, but those features actually has nothing to do with AMD...  such like A fansy RGB colors, or whatever with FANS speed


                      While AMD should at least created a GUIDE to properly add descriptions to their core options for RAMS, CPU, North-bridge, south-bridge, etc,etc :/
                      Things like this, there is not info at all from AMD in google:
                      and to be honest these options as example, even by set to (auto) it can have a big impact when enabling or disabling, like adding better feelings while in Desktop or web-browsing or gaming, but how can we be sure, if those options really works? not everyone has the knowledge or full time to test one by one, also we dont know with which programs we can properly test for a better latencies or better system responsivenesss



                      Also another tab is: I2C (no details provides) even with the Scan code :/


                         ALso the UART









                      Anyway people don't realise that is not fault at all from Assemble manufacturer such "Asrock, Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, BiosStar, etc,etc. at the end of the day The real Bosses are AMD and INTEL, if they don't to establish or set a Law or set rules that say: Hey, if you are going to Assemble my Amd Technology or chipset in your MotherBoards, please! take in consideration our Details descriptions for every  (Bios options) with this, everything would be more Easy, and nice for most users trying to get the most from AMD or INTEL


                      At at the end of day people wont say Hey Asrock sucks, or asus or Gigabyte, no,no they will say, oh i'm not using Again AMD OR INTEL :/


                      So please i'm not doing giving a bad constructive critic no,no in fact i want to keep in AMD, but Developers should hear our voices :/
                      Like okay buddy we will contact Manufactures in the Next Agesa update or bios update, will ask them to put a set of detail instructions for 70% of bios options..as start.. so that will be helpful , right now i'm very dissapointed to buy AMD because of the BIOS, at least on intel seemed to be more covered :/ I can't not get the support even from Asrock manufactures nor AMD :/