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AMD Bios Guide Request for Ryzen

Question asked by x58 on Nov 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2017 by x58

I was wondering if there any possibility that AMD STAFF, covered a little be more or in fact in a very detailed, all the BIOS options that exist nowadays? because it seems that sadly AMD has a lack of information regardless to bios options, and sorry for saying that, but you can clearly see that there is not such information over internet, there is less information about settings under BIOS, while Intel seems to covered all, most forums and internet history covered all settings to their user experience :/


And I really don't want to migrated to Intel, this is my first time using a good AMD technology, and I can see that there is performance improve when playing with BIOS options changing from Auto to either Enable or Disable or Custom, so please... do a Guide covering all bios, AMD need more support to their product, more details.

So hope you can created a detailed guide of all options under/through AMD BIOS, i would like to help too if possible, and i'm very sure there are people out there that want more info about AMD BIOS SETTINGS.



Thanks for reading my comment, and hope this is get as  Constructive Criticism.
sorry for my poor English


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