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Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris) - Software 17.Q4

Question asked by docsen on Nov 12, 2017
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AMD Radeon Pro Duo (Polaris) and Radeon Pro Software version 17.Q4 on a

Ryzen 1800x System

ASRock Fatal1ty x370 Gamer Pro Motherboard

32GB Trident Z 3200

850w Power Supply Platinum 80


I changed my system from a Radeon Pro Duo (2016 Red One) which runs with the Crimson to a Radeon Pro Duo Polaris with Radeon Pro Software (17.Q4).

In first i did check out all available Tools i am using: C4D R17-R19, 3DSMax 2015, Substance Painter and our own 3D Realtime Engine.


While i was checking game engines like ARK, Remember Me, GTA V, Cities Skylines, Doom, Prey, Nier Automata, Saints Row and Wolfenstein i encountered following Problem:


Most Apps and Games are running well EXCEPT:

Saints Row, Wolfenstein, NieR, Prey


As soon as these games are starting the Screen switches/flickers to Green-Image-Green-Image-Green-Image and also the sound stops while the screen turns Green.


I disabled already the Crossfire options in the profiles (off). Tried to change some ingame graphics settings:

No success!


Even when i quit the games the behavior still is the same.. on the Desktop it still flickers... Green-Desktop-Green-Desktop.


A simple RESTART doesnt help!

I have to TURN OFF the system for a moment and turn it back on.


Any Help would be appreciated.


Best Regards