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Switch RAID/AHCI driver modes?

Question asked by dg1972 on Nov 3, 2017

Mobo: Asrock 970 Extreme 4


We know that:

1. A Windows install requires preloading the RAID or AHCI drivers before Windows will see available drives to install on.

2. The RAID and AHCI drivers are the same driver (ahcix64s.sys, same .inf and .cat file)


I installed the OS originally in RAID mode. The RAID logical drive has now been cloned to a single spindle drive, and boots just fine. The drives making up the RAID have been disconnected.

Given the above 2 conditions, I need to switch the BIOS from RAID mode to AHCI for a new SSD drive.

Changing the BIOS drive mode from RAID to AHCI blue screens me. Even booting in safe mode.


Is there a way to flip the AMD driver (and/or) Windows from RAID to AHCI, since they use the same driver?


P.S. What is "AMD ACHI BIOS ROM" in my BIOS?