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    New drivers or gpu problem


      After using 17.10.2 Wattman has shown usage constant 0-100% activity during games. There was some frame drop as well. Uninstalled with ddu in safe mode each time, I tried 17.10.1 and earlier drivers, now 17.10.3, still the same. Gameplay now is constant fps, no stuttering from before. Maybe the latest Windows update?




      The solid activity is when I left the game.

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          same problem

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            I already figured this out... There is a Driver that causes this to happen... I thought it was the 17.7.1 Driver, but now i'm not sure which one it was...


            But if you go back a few Drivers, you'll notice that your Memory doesn't fluxuate between 1500 & 150, you'll also notice that your Activity on the top there,


            won't be going up & down frequently all the time, it will stay at a constant low straight line... Another thing you'll notice,


            is that your Memory States, there are only 0, 1, & 2 States there... You should be seeing a lot more States in your picture...



            There are a few Drivers in the 17 Series Updates, that say that they improve Performance... These Updates are all good Updates...


            Any Updates after these are all bad Updates...