RX 580 Black Screen/Crash Unless I Underclock

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"screenshot attachment"


I bought a RX580 since 1week & I have these glitch?bug?artefact?


Could someone help me please ?


I tried several AMD drivers, reset Windows installation, tried change settings in games & in AMD panel, tried furmark/benchmark to find any problems, tried anything, I think, can't fix it, seems I am the only one with that issue


for more détails games :

* PlayersUnknow's battle ground ===> game play saftely for 15-20sec then I have these "things" for 15-20 etc..

* Evil The Evil Within 2===========> I have crashes, and some time I have these "things" in menu & in game

* Resident evil 7 =========>  When I change graphic options I have crashes... even in several orther games


I had a HD7950 not enough for new games, but work fine


config i53570k/AsrockCM/8go/Windows10/last AMD drivers

sorry for my english


Screenshot attachment :


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