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Pin count on mobile GPUs?

Question asked by divineknight on Oct 3, 2017



I've been looking to play around with some older (at the moment) AMD / ATI mobile GPUs, and was curious where I could find certain specifications, such as the pin counts (well, ball / contact count? what have you) for the AMD Radeon HD 7500M-7600M series, and the AMD Radeon HD 7900M series. A list linking GPU names to part numbers would also be awesome, as attempting to locate GPUs on places like eBay or Alibaba (Original New Hd7970m 216-0836036 Dc: 2012+ Bga Ic Graphic Chipset Electronic Components - Buy 216-0836036,Bga Chips,Main… ) don't always list both at the same time (requiring time look up each part number, and find out what GPU it is describing). Very frustrating.


And yes, this is for an experimental project, involving a soldering gun, a heat gun, and a few other things.


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