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RX 580 Throttling (not thermal related). Wattman Reset Voltage Glitch

Question asked by fendersrule on Oct 2, 2017
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I've retrieved an MSI Reference RX 580 8G. I've spent about 8 hours of time playing around with it. Great card, but I have some concerns related to the driver.


I'm using a 2010 Mac Pro with an EFI Windows 10 installation and the latest Crimson drivers (17.9.3 and previously 17.9.2).


Out of the box, the card is a heavy throttler. I've noticed that running Heaven 4.0 @ 1440p, my FPS score ranges from 41-45 FPS which is too much variance. Average clock speed during benchmarks/gaming is around 1150-1200MHz out of the 1257/1340 spec. Hitting 1340 is an extreme rare event.


By using Wattman, I've determined that this is an easy fix and eventually started to fall in love with the card. Bringing the core voltage down on state 3 to state 7 from 1150 to 1060 removes throttling and allows the card to run at 1340 continuously (at lower heat, lower noise, and higher, more consistent FPS (47.5 FPS). However, I've noticed some problems with doing this which I believe is driver related.


1) Wattman will sometimes automatically reset after awhile, during gaming, over time, for no reason whatsoever, unannounced. I've noticed that when it "resets', it will usually keep the voltage that I entered for State 7, but it will reset States 3, 4, 5, and 6. So it's not a full reset, but likely just glitching. Temperature stays in the 70-range, so it isn't heat related. When this happens, I've even encountered situations where if you try to correct any of the numbers, and click "apply", it doesn't stick. AMD is aware of this specific issue, but I wanted them to know that there are other issues of it mostly resetting for no reason. Obviously when Wattman does this, the card begins throttling again.


2) The bigger issue, is over time, and possibly related to issue 1), is the card will begin throttling again for no reason whatsoever, even with Wattman not resetting anything that I've entered. Throttling appears completely random, not related to heat (78c is the highest I've seen the card go to, during hours of gaming).


3) A restart always cures all of the above. For example, if Wattman partially resets, a restart will cure that and bring it back to the settings I entered without question. If Wattman doesn't reset but all of a sudden I'm getting throttling, a restart cures that. This is usually a tale-tale sign that there's driver issues. A restart isn't really a fix or a cure, because over time (an hour or so of gaming), the card will begin throttling again.


Is AMD aware of this issue?



* Fresh Restart w/ modified Wattman settings.

* Super Position is benchmark is ran. 1340Mhz is held during benchmark.

* Super Position is ran again. 1340MHz is held during benchmark.

* Super Position is ran again. Now it starts bouncing around from 1150-1340Mhz.

* Wattman is opened. Sometimes it looks correct. Sometimes it doesn't look correct.

* I restart machine.

* Wattman always looks currect upon restart.

* Super Position is ran again. 1340MHz is held during benchmark.

* Cycle repeats.


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