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2 seconds Black screens RX Vega 56?

Question asked by padrefalcone on Sep 28, 2017
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Hi guys,


I just made the switch from Nvidia to AMD with their new RX Vega 56 and a Freesync monitor :-) This'll be my first post on the AMD forums!

So, I need help!


My build is the following:
i5-7600K (Would've gone Ryzen, but the ITX boards aren't great).Asus Z270I motherboard

16gb DDR RAM

RX Vega 56.

600 Watt Silverstone SFX SX600-G


So I did a clean install of windows and set everything up. Everything ran cleanly until I installed the drivers for my graphics card. It's connected with a display port cable to my samsung c24fg73 monitor. My issue now is, when I open apps it will randomly cause my screen to lose signal for like 2 seconds and go to black. When I 'return' the app in question will no longer show, but still run in the background. For example the Blizzard Launcher will every time cause black screen. I can see its running and downloading in the background however. Same happens randomly with Google Chrome, however that's more rare. Even more rare the monitor will go completely blue with no error message, and I will need to do a hard restart to fix it.


Is this a know issue? Is it a problem with the card, the driver... or?


Thanks guys!


- Padre