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Doubling Processor Performance

Question asked by chewy0914 on Sep 27, 2017
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I have some technical information I would like to share.


Doubling Processor Performance



A processor processes 0's and 1's. What would happen if the processor

processed double or more that at once?




1 core processor with Hyper-threading.

Each thread processes independent 1'2 and 0's.

out putting 1's and 0's.

If you had a way for each thread to process sets of 1's and 0's

that alone would double processor throughput.

How to achieve that:

Have the 1's and 0's in each thread represent to digits.

Thread one 01,11 thread two 10,00.

Have the processor process through the data in each thread as two digits.

thread one reads 0 as 01, 1 as 11. Thread two reads 0 as 10 and 1 as 00(or other variation).

Have built in or after processor unit that adds one electron(charger/generator)--one 1 or

adds a space one 0(resister?) Then the outputted data can be used by the system.



Input T1--0,1 Input T2--0,1

Output T1--01,11 Output T2--10-00



This can be scaled up depending on how many sets of data are commonly used.

Example with nine threads you could use 000-111, with 16 threads you could

use 0000-1111 and more could be used.

You could mix and match the amount with 00-11 one 2 threads, and 0000-1111 on 16

and so forth.