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    AMD ReLive Crashing on launch, and when editing options in Radeon settings "Host application stopped working"


      Ok, so I just updated my AMD drivers and decided to install ReLive. I did a clean install, and have already reinstalled it cleanly multiple times. My problem is that ReLive crashes literally all the time.


      I'm in the Radeon control center and every time I click any option, change any setting, or toggle an option on or off in the ReLive section I get a windows popup saying "AMD ReLive: Host Application has stopped working". I also get this message when I launch my pc. Example: if I turn ReLive on, try to change the hotkeys, enable or disable my microphone, or try to edit the save folder, I get the error popup.


      Needless to say, it doesn't work in game, though I did get it to work just once, I don't remember what I did and it hasn't worked since. I mainly just want to use ReLive for the instant replay feature.


      Sapphire R9 280x Toxic

      12GB RAM

      i7 3770

      Windows 7