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    Threadripper x399 Windows 10 USB Drivers


      I recently resolved an issue that I was having related to USB performance and random disconnects. The root cause of the issue was that the default Microsoft drivers for USB 3.0/3.1 controllers/hubs were not functioning properly. I had to manually override the drivers with the Windows 7 drivers provided by the AMD x399 chipset package. How come there aren't dedicated Windows 10 drivers in this package? I've seen several other users reporting issues with USB devices on Windows 10 and Ryzen/Threadripper, so it seems like AMD should really provide Windows 10 USB drivers, such that installing the chipset driver package actually installs the correct USB drivers. Very frustrating couple of weeks were spent tracking down the problem.

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          Please look into this

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            According to Microsoft, Windows Insider build 16288, which is being released today, fixes a USBhub issue that may or may not have anything to do with your issue.  Also check with your motherboard vendor for recommended USB drivers.   Win10x64 is still a work in progress--the next official mass-market Win10 release comes up in a few weeks. 

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              My Razer Deathstalker keyboard was not found properly until manual

              installing the Win 7 USB drivers in the X399 chipset package 17.30.

              Usually Windows 10 tries to auto install driver for the keyboard after doing a clean install.

              At least did on 3 other computers I have/had, even thou they were Intel.

              I have been and still frequently joining Windows Insider, so there have been quite a few clean installs.


              Another thing is that not everyone knows how to update these drivers manual.


              Maybe AMD already sent X399 USB Win10 drivers to Microsoft, but Microsoft did not add them properly or something.


              Either way there are more than one reason to look at it.



              I already updated to OS build 15063.608 when I tried the Win 7 drivers, cause I

              noticed ssuski mention the manual solution over at Asus and here after updating to it.

              Build did not change anything for me at least but the manual update did.

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                  I guess it's time to revive this issue,


                  I have a Taichi X399 MB that works fine. Most of my USB3 devices work fine in any of the ports. I recently got a new Canon camera that will not work at all on any USB3 port. Some ports the camera will be found, but disconnects as soon as you try to tranfer anything ( sometimes just navigating folders will cause a disconnect ). The top two ports ( wont even recognize the camera most the time ).


                  This camera does work fine on newer Intel HW. It also works fine on the Taichi board when I'm booted to Linux. So this does seem to very much be an X399 and Win drivers issue.


                  I will try the Win 7 drivers as mentioned by the OP and hope that works.


                  Update: got the Win 7 drivers loaded, but the USB ports stopped working after that, went back to Win 10 drivers ( was not a pleasant experience )