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win 7 parked cores with ryzen fixed .microsoft parked win 7 threads on ryzen fixed. !

Question asked by rebelyell on Sep 3, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by 1q3er5

hi guys, its most unfortunate amd parked threads shoertly after release of ryzen on win 7, well i found solution to this . its almost funny how they implemented the degrade to this since amd simply reverted ryzen to pre fx series microslop tech. in simple terms they used old pre 2009 windows microsoft programming to basically shut down win 7 users. well geee duh lets fix this and reverse it back. and i did... i used myself as a guinny pig for this and 2 months of checking all architecture to be sure and found that omg , its so simple they missed the fact that there is the few of us that never forget how and why windows works.


microsoft parked win 7 long ago on amd.  now in the day amd complained to microshnit that hyperthreading was not being used properly or at all, and so microsoftly made a fix very fast. hmm interesting right.. oh yes..


i found or should i say used the same kb hotfix to fix what amd tried to stop with win 7 users. and no offense to amd at all on this topic.

most people were not aware microslop made a kb update to fix fx series cpu's on this and so most googled and found software or paid to fix this issue only using the simple microsoft fix and taking your money.since microsoft never would or will show this update years ago or now. it had to be searched hard and you had to be in the click to find it. well gee geee its still works since its just a windows basic simple block and nothing major. and all win 7 users  wonder why amd or micro would stop the thread usage...


here is the fact, it is not a problem no more i will bring it back to life again with 2 months study i have done , and wow factor of how simple they screwed win 7  users i will help you now now now.


simply add the key to reg.. as was intended by microshi years ago. ok.  i would not in any way tell you to do this if i did not do this and test first and i may be the first to tell this and fix.…


install and reboot…


and reboot all fixed. this is only needed on win  for oc mode if you are in  xfr mode its not needed.


if i see this removed from a win 10 user i will find you so if have win 10 you do not need to read this.!