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codemasters f1 2016

Question asked by morse on Sep 3, 2017


I don't know how to report so I'm posting here.


I installed the Steam version of Codemasters F1 2016 game a few months ago and everything ran fine (I was using using triple 22inch monitors in Eyefinity and Windows 10x64, R9 Nano 4GB, and AMD 17.4.4 drivers).


Today, after not playing the game for a while I reinstalled the game and found it did not work. I was using the latest drivers 17.8.2. The game ran ok in single monitor, but no longer worked in Eyefinity and gave me an error 'D3D device has been removed'.


So I uninstalled the 17.8.2 drivers, cleaned up using the AMD cleaning utility and installed 17.4.4 and the game now works fine again in Eyefinity.


Can anyone confirm if this is likely to be fixed so that I can eventually return to the latest drivers?