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    Unable to Install AMD Drivers - Lenovo G505 - Radeon HD 8400


      Hello i have a Lenovo notebook model: g505

      i have bin trying to install functioning drivers for my device with out any luck, i first installed the VGA drivers for AMD that Lenovo provided with my notebook, they do not work, i tried installing the AMD setings to locate my drivers automatically, but i got the message AMD drivers partially installed, can you please tell me what is wrong?? i have a Radeon HD 8400 and Radeon R5 M230 in my notebook, i have added attachments to show my GPUs and the message i get when trying to run AMD Radeon settings, please help me to set up my drivers properly, thank you.

      And i cant contact amd support directlly, i keep getting a error message.


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              thank you for the answer one more thing, i have an AMD apu and both gpus are from AMD, do i only install the apu drivers? Or must i also install the graphics drivers later? If so do i install the Radeon HD 8400 and the Radeon R5 m230 seperatlly? Or do i just install the latest catalys?

              And if i only need to install the APU, shpuld i choose APU, then Moble APU, now in the given options it my apu is not on the list

              , i have a A6 5200,  since my apu is not on the list do i choose the option APU w Radeon HD 8000 series since it is my main gpu or do i choose apu with Radeon R5 2xx, since it is my 2nd gpu? Or should i install both? You will need to forgive me this is my first notebook, and my first time using dual graphics, some of my questiones may sound stupid, but i have no idea what im doing, thank you and best regards.

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