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    Ryzen 1800X Overcloked temperature


      Am new in the overclocking so am still learning and testing.


      my system is:

      gigabyte x370 gaming k7

      Ryzen 1800X

      g.skill F4-3200C14D-32GTZ

      GPU: gigabyte radeon rx 460 windforce oc 4gb

      case : Zalman Z11 Neo


      for cooling : noctua nh-d15 se-am4


      So last night I followed the Gigabyte Guide for overclocking to get 4.0 GHZ

      CPU Vcore 1.40000

      vcore SOC 1.35000

      CPU VDD18 2.1

      CPU VDDP +0.2

      CPU Vcore Loadline Calibration : Extreme



      I did stress test using Prime95 , It was stable, but the thing I want to know about the temperature, It reached Max 81.1c with fans full speed


      Is this normal temperature or it should be lower?

      I tried lowering the voltage but was not stable


      Also, am I gonna see same tepms when gaming or rendering , or is it only the stress test which uses the maximum limit?