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    Hello i cant change the color vibrance my screen looks like trash


      Gyazo - 070f845198d616d5bd7f58cd68ec9148.png

      Screenshot of my settings i cant change color vibrance my screen looks super bad im so tilted bcuz nobody has a fix for this amazing software.

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          On screen i dont see what the issue is and that interface is no longer updated, now is the crimson relive.

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            We need more information about your situation and setup, can you please take a moment and checkout the following article to get the info posted that will help with the situation, that would be great, thanks!




            Off the bat as Hotrith pointed out above, that interface you have shown has been deprecated in 17.7.2 and is no longer in use for control of the settings you seek.  Color Saturation (Vibrance), Hue, Brightness, Contrast and Gamma (depending on your display and GPU) has been migrated and included directly within Crimson Relive Settings 17.7.2  & can be found by clicking on the "Display" category/tab then selecting the "Color" option located on the far right of the configuration area for each display connected, between the "Identify" and "Specs" buttons (Note: As you can see below, Pixel Format, Color Depth/BPC has also been migrated to this area of the control panel):
            Then you should see this panel here, and you can make your adjustments accordingly:
            If you are not seeing these panels, then chances are you are on older drivers, or if you have installed up to 17.7.2, the install did not go well and you will need to perform a "Custom Install" and select "Fresh/Clean Install" once the Custom Install menu presents you with the option of Express vs. Clean.  This will cause a longer install process than you are used to and involves a complete uninstallation of the current drivers and associated registry entries, followed by a restart, then the continuation of the installation process whereas the drivers will then be installed/added to your system, then you can select to install Relive or not, which is the game recording software, which after you make your choice, yes or no, you will be requested to restart once again, after this restart you should be all done and ready to go!  Please note that during the Clean Install process it is normal for your screen to go completely blank for longer periods of time, do not worry, simply wait for the prompt to tell you to restart, DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS, it is critical that you do NOT interrupt the installation process at any point whether it is in the stages of uninstalling or installing the drivers, as this can lead to serious issues that will make it very difficult to clean out and start over again, however it is possible, it is simply best to avoid the situation in the first place.
            Good luck, be sure to let us know how it goes, and if you need to repost with the condition, be sure to check out the article I posted above, that will help us greatly service this issue for you or any issues you may have in the future when posting to the forums.  Take care, and best wishes!
            -Spikeypup / Patrick