Second Display turns off after Crimson update

Discussion created by taborious on Aug 14, 2017

Did some googling and nothing has resolved my issue. I also saw two posts on this forum and they did not help either.


I have a Radeon R290x and after the Crimson update my second display is no longer recognized for standard display. Meaning, the monitor is active and turns on when booting windows; logo displays. However, once windows is started it goes dark and does not show as a second available display. If I go into AMD Radeon Settings software and the Eyefinity section the display is not available. But, if I click on arrange display and and change the resolution, currently at 3840x2160, 4k display and change that to the next higher resolution 5440x1200 all the sudden the second monitor is available but only in that extended desktop display that cuts my 4k screen in half to match the max resolution of the second non-4k monitor.


Everything worked fine before the radeon Crimson update. After update everything went south.... any ideas