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Thermal Paste Round-up: 85 Products Tested - Tom's Hardware


It includes air, liquid, and graphics cards tests. I'll paste the liquid cooler results here, there are 85 items so you can check out the other charts on the article. I use IC Diamond 24 myself, but honestly it costs an astronomical amount compared to Arctic Silver 5 and a couple of degrees isn't worth the cost, so that's still going to be my recommended TIM. Plus, as it says in the article,

Pastes Don't Age Gracefully

You may not know this, but thermal paste has a shelf life. Manufacturers usually specify up to three years for unopened packages, but they often forget to tell you when your tube was produced. Thanks to the Tom's Hardware forum members for a reminder of this.


As an example, we tested Innovation Cooling's Diamond 7 Carat and Diamond 24 Carat, which differ only in package size. But the Diamond 7 Carat proved clearly inferior in our benchmarks. Their consistencies were also off. It could have been that such an expensive (bordering on exotic) product sat on the shelf for a long time. An unknowing enthusiast would buy it new, never knowing the compound had degraded.


As a preventative measure, purchase your thermal paste from a larger shop with faster turnover or find a local dealer who can tell you how long your paste of choice was sitting in inventory.

Stuff like AS 5 is cheap, time tested, and very popular so inventory turnover is quick.