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AMD ReLive not recording some games??

Question asked by red_owl on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by kingfish

Well it all started with the 17.x.x drivers that i installed before that i didn't had any problems like sound issues or etc tbh like i was able to record games, buuut after 17.x.x i've gone through hell and back tbh i was upgrading the drivers without clean installing cause i was lazy, than my cousin told me hey try clean install, i tried clean install same stuff, i kinda found a solution on the delay of the sound in the recordings or stream the fix was to alt tab out of the game on a start of every recording or livestream and alt tab back in it, i'm running a Core2 Quad Q8200 which means no Hyper-V or stuff like that, i'm on Clean installed 17.7.2 drivers on Windows 10 64bit, my question is why isn't relive able to stream or record games such as DiRT3 which has support by Radeon as it says in the intro of the game and some other games like Modern Warfare 2, GTA III, GTA VC..   Any solution or close-to solution is accepted and am i the only one that isn't able to record these games and maybe other games too?