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    Downclock for other products


      Hello AMD Community,


      I cannot understand why AMD disabled memory downclock with Radeon Wattman and then when they enabled it, they only did for RX500 series. I've a R7 260x and had many problems such as artifacts until I downclocked the memory via Radeon Settings and later MSI Afterburner when Radeon Wattman was introduced. However, now with the 17.7.2 update, I can neither downclock with MSI Afterburner nor Wattman. Please make the downclock feature available for other products as well or allow third party programs again. Meanwhile, I would appreciate if the community might help with a temporary solution. It seems like I will have to use 17.7.1 again for a while.


      Thank you.

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          since i bought the Sapphire Vapor-X R9 290 OC i have problems with my memory speed. If the memory speed is on factory settings (1400 Mhz) i have artefacts all over the screen and the system crashes after a while. The strange thing is, that if i have a game running, the system is stable and no artefacts are shown! I should have returned the card but missed the timeframe for it


          However, i could handle these problem by downclocking the momory from 1400 to 1365Mhz BUT since wattman was born, for whatever reason (maybe great manager descition ), it is not allowed to downclock the memory - only overclocking is allowed. The downclock could only be handled via MSI afterburner till version 17.7.2, now even with MSI afterburner is not able anymore to downclock and my system crashes constantly ...

          As i can read i am not alone with these problems and the question is not answered or solved by AMD. AMD please be sure that my next graphic card will not be an AMD if you restrict the customer in this manner if they try to compensate your production chain failures!

          I would be really happy if you could answer a solution or help us in any way to understand these restrictions!