My Suggestion towards AMD Company

Discussion created by mr.unknown on Jul 30, 2017
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I believe AMD introduced AMD Ryzen processors, targeting as the professional and high-end market, with their outstanding performance and high price comparing against the entry-level products. But allow me to be frank, I might guess AMD made a little bit mistake, utilising the AM4 socket rather than some other socket exclusively for such processors. I believe AMD Ryzen is good and elegant, but they might find difficulties when persuading the professionals to give up the choices of Intel products in favour of AMD Ryzen, for many obvious reasons, without needing to mention any word.


AMD, I think it is good time to release AMD Ryzen based APU for the entry level market! AMD, you'd better provide more rooms for potential consumers to evaluate it in the very value way rather than continuously to release the high end AMD Ryzen processors all the time. In my own opinion, AMD Ryzen should need another socket rather than AM4, or else the future AMD Ryzen based APU would be in the way of the future AMD Ryzen processors, at least AMD is not merely a processor only company, it also has its great weapon, AMD Radeon GPGPU products.


Future AMD Ryzen and future socket for AMD Ryzen should possess the capabilities for the multiple processors configuration, not only Ryzen base Opteron, but also merely AMD Ryzen processors their own. This new multiple processor configuration is provided to expand the number of cores, rather than limited by the SMP platform. Or in other words, multiple processors on the same mobo does not need the same model, same frequency, same number of cores, or same generation; just need they could meet the power supply requirements and same socket.  




Someone called the above words as a can of worms, luckily, I never eat worms, I love jokes, and I realized that I post it on the wrong place, so I open up a topic rather than a can of worms. There are no too many whys, I believe!