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rx480 not displaying anything after EFT

Question asked by xaos6 on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2017 by amdmatt

GPU - rx480 8gb Sapphire nitro+

CPU- i5 6500

16gb DDR4

2 SSD Drives (One of which is entirely dedicated to EFT



So today I tried to play Escape from Tarkov but after a mere 5-10 mins of playing both of my screens turn off(one of which displays the game and the other just a wallpaper) and the GPU's Fans turn off however the PC & game continue running as I can hear in-game audio etc.

I updated my driver to the 17.7.2 earlier that morning so rolled it back to 17.7.1 thinking that this may be the issue - *it was not*

I thought that temperatures may be the problem but with only 60% fans the GPU's temp never reached higher than 80 degrees

Following this, I played Star Wars battlefront  and absolutely nothing was wrong, no screens turning off etc.

Do you guys think this is an issue for the Escape from Tarkov team? or Do I have an issue with my card?