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    Ryzen 1700x Temperature Change on Asus Crosshair VI Hero Since Bios Update


      I have a processor amd ryzen 7 1700x on an asus crosshair VI hero, and I am very happy, it works, but since the update of the bios asus (agesa the display of The temperature of the processor was well below 20 ° C as was expected, except that in my case the temperature indicated before was not delirious, whereas now yes, having 12 ° C with 30 ° C of abyss, even If my watercooling is nice is not accurate (very far from it), and knowing that I have my graphics card on the same circuit (R9 290X), it is quite complicated to do ventilation / pump settings for Balance it all, is there going to be a correction at that level there or do I have to go back to the old bios and lose the other improvements?

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          With bios 1403 you have to disable sense mi skew in tweaker's paradise...seti it to disable, not to auto.. with sense mi skew disabled, for the right cpu temp you have to look at tdie not tctl. i have a 1700x and a C6H too..download hwinfo or core temp or amd ryzen master and you will see the right temperature. Tctl is a simple value that tells you how far cpu temp is from throttling...when tctl reaches 95 cpu starts throttling...below of 85 cpu is ok...this is what tctl does. if you disable sense mi skew as i said, you will have AMD default setting. i have sense mi skew disabled and system is running fine and temps are real. In the next bios version, according to Asus, sense mi skew will be disabled as a default value. with 1403 sense mi skew is enabled as default.

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