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    Beware: Fake AMD Ryzen processor scams are out there


      Beware buying 3rd party, this seems to be limited to them, not like the big Newegg Counterfeit Intel processors scandal a while back.


      Buyer Beware! Reports Of Fake Ryzen CPUs Popping Up On Retail Sites


      In this case, it seems the crooks behind the caper used low-cost Celeron processors for the scam. The process works something like this: The scammer buys a handful of legitimate high dollar AMD Ryzen 7 1800X processors, scans the CPU heatspreader, and then prints a sticker and applies it to the face of the fake CPU (in this case an old Celeron processor). The scammer returns the counterfeit processor to the box, reseals it, and then sells it on eBay / Amazon. This type of scam works because the counterfeit processor looks authentic from the outside of the package.