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I need you to verify me that my Ryzen build is working correctly

Question asked by ringo100 on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2017 by rebelyell

I have these components:


Asrock x370 k4

R5 1600

Ati 7770 (upgrade soon)

2x8GB ram 3200mhz, currently working on 2133mhz


Ryzen balanced power plan


I sold my gpu to miners and now I am using ATI 7770 until rx 580 becomes available. I decided to try some older games but it them I expirianced micro (0,5s stuttering):


Morrowind - very often microstuttering, strange because resolution is 1280x960

Operation flashpoint: red river - microstuttering, small fps drop

Jade empire - Has slighty microstuttering/small fps drop, there is a stutter fix for the game

Metal gear rising - have stuttering/fps drop but only in action intension scenes

Mafia 2 - game was capped to 60fps, stuttering happens when fps for a second fall to 57fps


I tryed some with High perfomance mode same situation. For some of these games Windows Compatibility mode was necessary.


Also I try some more demanding:


Bioshock Infinite - no stuttering

Metro Last light - no stuttering, tested for 1 hour

Outlast: whistleblower - no stuttering, tested 40mn

Xcom enemy within - no stuttering, tested 2 hours


First I thought that is GPU Vram but than would stutter in demanding games. Could that stuttering be because Win10 doesn`t handle good old games


- I tested memory, everything ok.




- Is this normal score for this cpu? R 1600 stock - 3.4ghz, cpuz version 1x79 x64




- I changed some setting in Ryzen balanced power plan, I lowered CPU state (Minimum processor state to 5%, other option didn`t touch) like this:


Now I see that core in idle are around 1.5ghz, previous they were at max. In load AIDA64 stress test, all values are at amx - 3.4ghz. Will this setting hurt my gaming perfomance?


Also some value in idle are 1511 and some are 1550. Is that normal?