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When will we see another update for stabilising higher frequency memory?? 3466-4000mhz

Question asked by bo55 on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by gupsterg

Hi all, i spent quite a bit of money getting my 1700x system together even having made the mistake of buying dual rank memory in the beginning and finding out that i couldnt go past 2400mhz and then having to purchase single rank Samsung b-die memory so it could run at the rated speed, im now having issues with getting 3466mhz to work correctly. My board is an Asus Prime Pro x370 with the latest 0805 bios.


Im currently sitting on 3333mhz c14 stable at 1.38v but In order to get 3466 running (not stable) i need 1.425v which is too much imo for everyday use, when can we expect the next update in microcode to fix this?