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    R9 M200x, Can´t install any driver after install the Creators Update




      first i tell you my system

      Lenovo B550 AIO Touch,


      Intel Graphics 4600


      500GB Samsung SSD 850 Pro

      AMD HD8850M (shown als R9 M200X),  Relive 17.6.2

      Win 10 x64


      Everythings running fine with windows 10 1607


      When i try to update to 1703 with the creation tool, my system freezes at 32%. I tried about 10 times, but everytime my system rolls back to Win 1607


      On my second HDD, with Win 8.1 x64 on it, i managed to update to Win 1703, no freeze.


      But i can´t install a driver for the AMD Graphics. The device manager shows me an unsupported  device.

      When i use the Windows Driver update, my system freezes.

      When i try to install the crimson relive software, my system freezes.


      Lenovo offers no driver for Win10, they refer to AMD and Microsoft to build drivers who support my device.