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Why no real time preview on Premiere CC 2017?

Question asked by albertob on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by amdmatt

In the last month the real time preview for most of the effects simply disappeared from our Premiere CC, seems we returned for the beginning of the non-linear editing era, besides dissolve and some transitions any effect needs render to be seen in stop mode, without playing, even color correction. This problem occurs in any project despite the kind of media and resolution.

Till some time ago Ultra Key, color correction and other could be seen without render, the computer configuration has not change, important: in the same machine using AE and even Media Encoder (when exports) we can see the preview in real time.

We area using Radeon r9 370 and it worked OK, the problem seems with some of the driver updates.

Anyway, is thIs there some Radeon settings that must be disabled to improve Premiere performance?


System info:
Creative Cloud - Premiere cc 2017 - last version 11.1.2
Desktop DELL XPS 890 32RAM - 3 Hard drives (System, Audio Video, Cache)
Video Board Radeon r9 370 - last driver (worked fine in Open GL mode)
Blackmagic Design Decklink Studio 4K 
Windows 10 – last update


Latest software installed Saffire Effects and Autodesk 3D Max