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Compatible RAM for 3200mhz after AGESA; B350 mobo; 2x16gb not suitable?

Question asked by baraky on Jun 21, 2017
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I have found too much divergent information in the web.
Processor is Ryzen 7 1700.
So, after AGESA, will I be fine with Hynix RAMs? Can I OC it to ~3200mhz now? My plan is to buy the Gaming 3 mobo.
By the way, I have seen only 2x8gb rams listed as suitable for Ryzen 7 1700; isn't it possible to have overclockable rams with 2x16gb?




edit: Did more research. Can I overclock Hynix 3200mhz ram to at least 2933mhz with the new bios? If so, it's a way better value for me, as b-die
rams are twice the price.