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    brighter screen using r7 360


      So I always keep my drivers up to date but it seems like that there is a bug that makes the screen brighter if full-screen/windowed mod changed in games or turning on/off Virtual Super Resolution or GPU Scaling. The computer sometimes starts normal, but sometimes the screen is brighter. In 17.4.4 this bug was not a huge deal for me because if I changed the virtual super resolution, it fixed the issue and I saw everything alright again, until a game forced full-screen. But in 17.6.1-17.6.2, The Windows is crashing if I change something in Radeon settings. I don't think that the problem is with my graphics card so please help AMD!


      My motherboard and graphics card detailed:
      Gigabyte GA 78LMT S2P rev 4.0 BIOS: FC

      Gigabyte r7 360 gddr5 2gb