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Amd r5 230 doesnt start up

Question asked by catazamfir on Jun 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2017 by amdmatt

Hello, I have a laptop Asus x555LP with 2 video cards. 1st one is Intel HD Family 4400 and 2nd one AMD radeon R5 230. Point is, when i m trying to run a game or something else, for example GPU stress test the AMD doesnt start up. I dunno if i had this issue from the begging but now i have noticed. I m not sure if i 'm out of warranty but i've found this issue now playing Blade and Soul when after 2 days i had a huge drop of fps. all the time main GPU running is Intel. I have installed the latest driver for both of them but when i open a game or a stress test i get BSOD with error "kernel_security_check_failure" at adress 0x00000139. When i m using the both drivers that i have on laptop CD with manufacturer drivers only Intel is running and on a stress test it stays on 100%, is flooded. i will attach 2 pics with the error and the stress test. Any ideas how to make AMD running? I did those thing with "Performance" from power option in windows, from intel graphic settings and also CCC. all max performance but AMD still doesnt run. I m running windows 8.1 OS .Any ideas please?


Thank you!