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Radeon R9 200 black screen

Question asked by dzcoyle on Jun 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by sasch

I have a Radeon R9 200 card and over the last month, periodically and seemingly randomly the screen goes black for 2-3 seconds, then comes back. Sometimes it happens a few times an hour, sometimes it happens very often over the course of half an hour.


It happens when I'm gaming, but also when I'm using chrome or doing other things on the PC. The monitor is still on (the light is still on), sound continues and if I keep typing it shows when the screen is back on.


I also occasionally get black/grey flickering across the bottom of the screen.


Have had my pc with same graphics card for over a year, and the issue has only started happening over the last month or so. I haven't changed any graphics settings, and it happens both with the most recent software update and when I rolled back to 17.5.2 (what I have at the moment).


My PC is running Windows 10 64 bit.


Any help would be appreciated - it's really annoying!