driver issues 17.1.1 to 17.6.x

Discussion created by azagaros1970 on Jun 14, 2017
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This seems to be a driver issue


I have noticed when I play Elite: dangerous a certian type of glyphing takes place and it seems to be related to tessellation math.  I happens in back grounds and on planet approaches.  In the background it seems to be a layer of background is not shown and creates a sharp and clear jagged edge where some background detail is and where it is not.  In 17.1.1, everything was fine on a pair of crossfired r7 260x's. I kept reverting back to this driver because the issue was persistent with every following driver version.  I recently upgraded to rx 560s in a crossfire setup again.  I opted to install the 17.6.x driver and it produces the following screenshots with glyphing and the tessellation errors on planetary approach.  I just means the errors are not fully addressed yet. I know its the video driver and not Elite. Elite has not updated as often and they are working on the graphics smoothing there.  This is with elite 2.3.1.