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    screen flickering/flashing on R9 390


      since more than a week I have been facing screen flickering issue on my Sapphire R9 390 which is accompanied by device attachment/detachment sound. This flickering even persists when i remove all of my USB devices(keyboard, mouse) and I have tried changing my VGA cable along with HDMI to VGA converter.



      I have tried upgrading my software to the latest driver available and tried few old versions of the drivers. At that time I had Windows 10 Pro as my operating system. I reinstalled Windows 10 and upgraded it to the latest version in an attempt to solve this issue. The only step that seems to solve this issue is disabling the AMD Radeon R9 390 Series display adapter from device manager.



      I thought this could be a Windows 10 problem and on 10th june I reverted back to Windows 7 Professional, however I am facing the same issue. Even In Windows 7 the problem would only be resolved when i disable the AMD display adapter from device manager.

      (Disabling Intel HD Graphics 4600 only doesn't solve this issue).



      The screen flickering is not continuous, It is random, usually starts after 10-15 minutes of boot up. As it starts occurring, I disable AMD adapter for few minutes and re enable it. This usually resolves the problem until sometime. The possibility of bad HDMI Output of my GPU is also ruled out as screen flickering occurred even when I connected my LCD to motherboards VGA output(while my GPU adapter was enabled). Also I do not overclock any of my system's components.

      System Configuration:

      Motherboard: GA-H97 HD3

      CPU: Intel i7 4790

      Memory: Kingston 8GB DDR3

      GPU: Sapphire R9 390

      VBIOS: 113-2E3240U-X4A

      Driver: Crimson 17.6.1

      OS: Windows 7 Professional (version 6.1 build 7601 SP1)

      Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 943SNX Plus



      One important thing, while I was on Windows 10 and i used to disable AMD graphic adapter from device manager, somehow graphic card would still provide display but screen flickering would stop. This is confusing as I have tried different operating systems and different version of graphic drivers so it doesn't look like software issue. But if it is hardware issue, shouldn't there be screen flickering even after disabling the graphic adapter from device manager?

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          If it's also happening with onboard graphics, may be damaged cable/connection/pins. Non standard monitor settings.

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              It doesn't happen on on-board graphics, I have tried changing cable(VGA) and connector(HDMI to VGA). Actually it doesn't matter if any wire is connected to GPU, there will be screen flickering if GPU adapter is enabled from the device manager(even when LCD is connected to motherboard's VGA Output).

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              Dishonored2 Low Fxaa, 1080p jaggies/shimmering - YouTube

              I have flickering too just like on the video. Besides of that i have bad aliasing no matter what i try.. Maxing out MSAA in Radeon Software doesn't help using SMAA,FXAA injectors doesn't help i even tried VSR and put my resolution 3840x2160 i swear i reached %99 gpu usage but i still had flickering and jagged edges. I'm already regretting buying RX 580 i think i will go back to NVIDIA if i don't find any fix.

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                I have the same problem but for the RX480 card.


                Here's a video (with sound, as well) showing the issue. By chance, do you have dual monitor setup?

                I'd really like to get to the bottom of this so I can play some d- competitive Overwatch.


                Edit: Forgot link Radeon RX 480 flickering black screen - YouTube

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                    No, I have a single monitor setup, what about you?
                    The video shows exactly the same flickering that my monitor experiences.
                    I have read about people facing screen flickering issue on dual monitor setup but none on the single monitor setup (except those with flickering due to windows 10).
                    I think we should try to stress test our GPU to check whether it's a hardware problem. I'll update after I'm done with stress test.

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                      What cable are you using?

                      I have the same problem here, on my 1080p Samsung monitor, using direct hdmi cable and with a dvi adapter, random black or green screen for 1-3sec and goes back to normal.

                      In direct HDMI cable in my Bravia LCD TV (also 1080p) I doesn't have any problem.


                      I started notice this problem after the 17.3.1 update and Windows 10 Creators Update. I already sended various reports to AMD, after every new driver update.


                      I'll try to buy a display-port to hdmi adapter to see if this problem goes away, but this definitely is not a fix!


                      My setup:

                      Asus RX 480 DUAL-RX480-O4G / i5 4440 / 600W Corsair CX600 power-supply

                      The problem happens with and without overclock (@stock gpu 1300mhz and memory 1750mhz and @oc gpu 1330mhz and memory 1850mhz)

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                          I personally use Dual Link DVI that comes with Asus VG248QE but i don't have " random black or green screen " problem just flickering textures in games.

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                              I am actually facing random screen flickering/flashing which is shown in the video link shared by earl_.

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                                  I have attempted to raise the gpu clockspeed of my card marginally in Wattman for all 7 states, especially states 4-7.

                                  I have also boosted memory speed, fan speed (to prevent overheating), and, most importantly, set the power limit to 50%.

                                  Since thankfully I had the foresight to buy a large wattage PSU, I am able to set that power limit to provide more power.

                                  It is frustrating that I must overclock my card just to get it (hopefully) to function normally. I am not an overclocker and expect most hardware to "just work."


                                  Recalling the power issues of the card at launch, I want to test if allowing more power to the card fixes the issue (or, essentially, to see if AMD's driver updates did NOT fix the problem). So far, I have experienced 1-2 screen flashing experiences in the time since my last post.


                                  Another odd thing I have noticed, is my secondary monitor will stay on, but when in Overwatch, and the flashing + disconnect sound occurs at random, will turn off the second monitor and it will not come back on. The second monitor also can be on when I shut off my machine, but will fail to display next time I boot.


                                  Will update if I find out anything, thanks guys. I'm glad I'm not the only one, and I'd really like to get an answer...

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                                    I see above that rahfah has had no luck overclocking. Hopefully, it will work for my case.

                                    As far as cables, both connect to my GPU via DisplayPort connections, with the first connection to my primary monitor by DisplayPort, and the second connection routed through a DP-DVI active adapter connection, before connection to the second monitor via DVI.


                                    Somehow, I doubt that is the issue, but I don't want to rule out anything yet.

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                              earl_ rahfah


                              Are you both sure the problem you are facing is not because of Windows 10? There are troubleshooting methods available on the internet to fix the screen flickering caused by windows 10 such as uninstalling IDT Audio, iCloud, Norton AV and disabling 2 services from msconfig. Try those if you haven't already, they may be able to fix your problem.

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                                  Pantera start your own thread please. My RX580 has no issues so it might be the game. I'd like to hear about 580 experiences but not buried in another thread.

                                  Everybody else ditch the adapters get monitors with proper inputs and run cables to match or start your own thread. PLEASE!

                                  AT90 I can't understand why you stick with an old VGA monitor and have a decent vidcard?????  Before you go grey, get a new monitor, preferably with a display port but HDMI/DVI  will do.

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                                  you guys having problem like this ? look at the edges

                                  Witcher 3 flickering edges - YouTube

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                                    I've had my GPU installed in a completely different system and It's still causing flickering issues. It is definitely a hardware issue so I am going to RMA it soon. Thank you for your help.


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                                      I'm using ATI HD readon 3000 graphics card and I'm suffering from this problem almost 2 years please help me if possible . I have tried many things but unable to solve it


                                      visit this link Screen flicker on games and videos - YouTube