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HD 7500 drivers won't update

Question asked by nosystem on Jun 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2017 by nosystem

I have an HD 7500 video card that is continually alerting me to update its drivers. Have tried to do so many times, and the program says it has done so successfully, but when it's all over I am still running the same old driver (15.301.1901.0), and it's still telling me to update. Tech support sent me links for downloading and running a display driver removal tool (wagnardsoft's DDU) and another for downloading the new driver manually. I have gone through the whole process twice (and , by all indications, successfully), but when all is done and restarted, I am still running the same old drivers. Tech support isn't being very helpful anymore. Any techies out there have any suggestions? Thanks ahead of time.