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R9 270 Black Screen on Windows Boot up All Drivers

Question asked by matthew1337 on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by john007

Recently I've had a very particular issue with my GPU. Having 2 monitors connected, one with DVI and one with an HDMI port, not sure if it's related, the following occurred:

  1. Display started flickering in video games, causing BSODs and weird looking lines all across the display, both displays actually.
  2. After 2 regular OS restart sessions I wasn't able to get past the Windows 7 start up screen. Basically before I reach Windows log on, it get's full black without a cursor.

By using older drivers, it's original sapphire manufacturer ones, I managed to get to the log on screen, with half a screen being completely torn by these flickering lines across the display, but even after that it goes full black, this time after log on, it goes into a BSOD. Memdump... and so goes on...

So far, used DDU, AMD Uninstall Software, and AMD drivers with: 1. Clean express and custom without the HDMI Audio Serivce 2. Clean custom without Crimson. 3. Forced manual Device Manager display option 4. Drivers from 14.9 - 17.5.2 (Drivers I've tested so far)

Also tried CHCKDSK NTFS in command prompt, didn't work either.

Funny thing is, I'm able to use AVG MS Display Driver with no problems, both of my monitors work absolutely fine, using resolution 1920*1080. It starts as soon as the AMD driver is installed. The way I get normal mode is through safe mode, by uninstalling the driver.

From hardware components, I've changed the thermal paste on the CPU (just in case), cleaned all of the dust that was filled within both GPU and other components, cleaned out all the units on the motherboard, so far same thing keeps happeing over and over again.

Many people been asking around about the same exact thing, maybe someone found a solution?


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